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The Injury Prevention and Performance Assessment is a comprehensive assessment tool that will effectively determine functional fitness level and conditioning for tactical athletes to rehab clients. The test will include the following: functional movement patterns, muscle flexibility, strength, power and endurance, balance and proprioception, speed and agility. Each of the tests that comprise the Injury Prevention and Performance Assessment are easy to employ, require little equipment and rely on evidence based, scientific support for validity and reliability. You will find both a written description and a short video describing the sequence for completing each test. You will be asked to enter your test results immediately after completing each sequence. These results will be saved to determine change over time. Fitness testing can be completed as often as necessary and results will be available to compare to both normative values and previous test results for that individual. Evidence based normative values will be included for each test in the Injury Prevention and Performance Assessment to allow you to determine your personal fitness level for each test. If there is a test that you do not perform up to standards, exercises will be provided that can help you make the necessary changes.